Why add more work onto your plate? Who does that?

You know that creating an online course is the best way to expand your presence, help more clients, and (possibly) create a new revenue stream.

But you've avoided it until now because you're running from the time you wake up until you go to sleep.

Don't make your life more complicated.


So how does it work?

Building your course has three simple steps:
Step 1: The Basics
First, we talk about the basics of your course. Stuff like, Who's your intended audience? What problem are you helping them solve? I'll also get some info from you about what you want in your course. Want animation? Video? Narrated presentations?

Step 2: The Work
Next, I take all the information you gave me, along with any notes or outlined information about your content that you can provide, then I build your course.

Step 3: The Final Product
Last, we go over your course, you give me feedback on things you want changed or any important elements that were missed, and I hammer out the imperfections until you are completely satisfied with the end product. Once we have the finished product, I give you the files you need, along with important development documents

OPTIONAL Step 4: Posting Your Course Online
Are you planning on posting your course into a learning management system like Teachable or Kajabi? I can also put your content into whatever LMS you're using.


Additional services

Certification creation & administration

PowerPoint decks for any audience, using your branding

Added materials, like workbooks or handouts

Develop in-person single or multiple day courses

Curriculum (multiple course) development

Class administration (running discussion sessions, webinars)


So Who Am I?

I'm Bill Bridges, Ph.D., and I have over twenty years of experience in doing exactly what you want to do -- developing online education and training content.

I have designed courses for the military, academia, healthcare associations, entrepreneurs, small businesses, coaches of every stripe, healers, and a bunch of other people. I've created in-person classes, developed conference content for over 5000 attendees, designed leadership retreats in coordination with major business schools, and built online classes for learners all around the world, from bells-and-whistles full video classes to simple, interactive PDFs.

I offer you nearly unequaled experience in the following:

  • Online course development
  • Professional writing for education and training content
  • Audience, need, and content analysis
  • Teaching professional education courses, as well as undergraduate- and graduate-level courses, in both in-person and online formats.
Bill Bridges

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