Welcome to Your New Effing Life!

What do I do next?

I've heard this question, again and again, from middle-aged men, guys who woke up one morning, looked around, and asked themselves, “Now what?”

They had worked hard for decades to get bigger and better jobs, sacrificed time, happiness, and, often, their health to provide for others, then looked around and realized they were by themselves on the top of the mountain.

Are you like them? Before you answer, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you and your significant other as close as when you first met, or did your intense commitment to success cost you a happy relationship?
  • Do you have a network of close friends, or have you lost touch with them because they were playing the same game?
  • Do you ever feel weighed down and alone because of the intense pressure on you to be the one who always has the answers?
  • Maybe you've saved money for retirement, but do you have any idea what the hell you're going to do with your time? Or do you not know because you never developed hobbies and you don't have a clear idea what your life purpose is?

Who am I to say this?

I'm you. I’m a middle-aged man who has felt the loneliness and isolation. I've felt the sense of lacking a life purpose or meaning, the almost-crushing pressure to be the provider, and the moments when I thought my best years were behind me. Worst of all, I spent pretty much my entire adult life constantly yelling at myself for things I did or didn't do and was completely unable to forgive myself for anything I'd ever done.

I turned my story around and know how much better life can be, and I have dedicated myself to helping men like you get to the same place.

Everyone needs a "why." Why do you wake up in the morning? Why do you push yourself?

Here's my why: I am passionate about helping men like you transform, to go from a place of uncertainty, anxiety, and insecurity, to a place of power, conviction, and purpose.

What can I do for you?

I have one, and only one, product: a twelve-week one-on-one program. But that one program has flexibility that has helped hundreds of other men just like you to get results like:

  • Increased confidence
  • Identification of a life purpose or work
  • Conquering hidden mental blocks that have kept them stuck in a rut
  • Figuring out what's really important to them (not just what they think should be important to them)
  • Improved connections in their lives, whether with significant other, friends, kids
  • Increased belief that they could achieve their goals
  • Giving up up old, bad habits to create new, beneficial ones
  • Learning how to forgive yourself for whatever you kick yourself about

Together, you and I will figure out what you want, create action plans to get you there, and implement levels of accountability to make it all happen.


I'm offering 20% off my one-on-one coaching program for people who live near me and have decided to extend the offer to you, my online friends. Here's how you get the discount:

  1. Schedule a call with me using any of the kerjillion buttons scattered throughout the site.
  2. In our phone call, mention the discount.
  3. Receive discount.

I know, I know, it's pretty tricky.

Who do I work with?

I warn you right now. I am not for everyone, and I am very choosy about who I work with. To create the best results for yourself, you need to be:

  • Fiercely individualist and non-conformist
  • Intelligent, innovative, and creative
  • Hard working and eager to find challenges
  • Never satisfied with the superficial answers
  • Proud owner of a strong inner “BS” detector

If this picture is your idea of the perfect coaching relationship, then I honestly wish you the best of luck in your search, because I'm not your guy.

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Now's YOUR time. Schedule a call.

See that button right above this? In the world of Internet marketing, that is what’s called a Call To Action, or CTA.

It’s when someone who’s trying to get you to do something makes it really obvious what that something is. In this case, it’s scheduling a call to talk with me.

I know pretty much every other coach in the world calls this a “Strategy call” or “Free consultation call,” but you and I know that’s their code for “A phone call when someone spend a few minutes giving you information and a lot of time trying to sell you something.”

Lucky for you, that’s not how I roll.

I won't sell you anything on our call. It’s a conversation, when you get to ask me questions about how I help clients and how I can help you, and I get a feel for what’s happening in your life and whether or not we can work together. If, by the end of our talk, we both feel we’re a good match, then we move forward. There’ll be no pressure stuff or psychological manipulation. Just a friendly talk.

If you’re up for that, then click the button, find a time that works for you, and let’s go.

If you're not ready yet, take a few minutes to check out my  blog and free stuff page to see what I’ve written about.

You can also sign up here to get notifications when I write a new blog post on living an effing epic life.

If you don’t want even that, then I wish you the best of luck in finding what you need. If you change your mind, feel free to come back.