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Hi, I’m Bill Bridges, and I help guys like you transform from feeling isolated, anxious, and purposeless to becoming connected to their lives, loves, and passions. In the process, they become more than they thought themselves capable of being.

My Why

I don’t know about you and your career, but I didn’t intend to become a transformation coach. It just kind of happened because of personal life events and my response to them.

What do I mean?

Well, I’ve been lucky to have three life-altering moments of clarity:

  • In my 30s: I was 50 pounds overweight, and I realized I would be dead before I was 40 if I didn’t change my ways. I went on a diet, started working out, and have never looked back.
  • In my 40s: I finally saw how my selfish relationship choices impacted others, worked to understand why I made those decisions, and resolved to be different. A few years after, I fell stupidly, deeply, amazingly in love with the perfect woman and we got married.
  • In my 50s: I went through an extremely difficult personal time, when I knew I had all the material things that were supposed to make me happy, but something was missing. I worked with some amazing coaches and did some deep soul searching and realized my unhappiness came from two places:
    • When I was young, I wrote all the time, but when I got older, I stopped writing because I thought that was what a man did. I restarted my writing and my happiness level went up immediately.
    • I'd never been happy in any job because I was meant for something bigger and better. I’d abandoned being a teacher earlier in life, but I still wanted to help others, a drive that found natural expression in helping my fellow middle-aged men navigate the tricky waters of midlife.

We live in a society that LOVES to tell us that once we’re into our 40s and beyond, we no longer matter. I help men overcome the feeling their best days are behind them and that they’re too old to realize their dreams, find their life purpose, or contribute to the world (if that's what they want to do).

My greatest joy comes from seeing someone have his own moment of clarity, when things finally click into place, and his future looks better, brighter, and more hopeful, when he sees he’s not defined by the amount of money in the bank, size of his house, or whatever his job title is.

My life’s purpose is helping you get through the hardest years in life by helping you handle the nearly-overwhelming feelings of isolation, being lost, without purpose, and without strong connections with loved ones. Together, we’ll get you from surviving to flourishing in a new, kickass life.


  • "I knew something was seriously wrong in my life, but I couldn't figure out what it was, much less how to change it. I was really hesitant to have a coach because none of them seemed like me. Bill was different. Our calls were always fun, productive, and felt more like I was talking with a friend than working with a coach."
    - Chuck, 55
  • "Although the actual work was tough, at times, working with Bill was easy. He treated me like an adult, held me accountable for what I was supposed to do, and got me through a rough patch."
    - Tom, 43
  • "I'd done a ton of different therapies, including hypnosis and traditional therapy, and didn't make any progress. Bill helped me figure out my issues went deeper and has me going in a good direction now."
    - Tony, 42
  • "From the first phone call, it always felt like Bill genuinely cared about helping me. He never let me give up on the plans, and I know I would have given up if I'd been by myself."
    - Brian, 49


  • Life experience: I’ve gone through the “dark night of the soul,” when seemingly overnight, your world changes and your life stops making sense. I came through the experience with a new focus, a new passion, and a new mission, all of which benefits my clients.
    • I’ve talked about my experience at HeadsUpGuys.
    • I’m also committed to helping raise awareness of men’s mental health as a partner of Movember.
  • Training: I’ve earned certifications in Transformation Coaching and Life Coaching.
  • Speaking: Check out my Youtube channel for my videos on men’s mental health and transformation
  • My writing: Like I said above, as part of my awakening, I realized that I really missed writing. I restarted and finished my first book, available here: The Witch's Ring, by Bill Bridges

I walk the talk of reconnecting to important things in my life. I want to help you rekindle your love for things you gave up.

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