Blood and Salvation (Tremaine Book 1)

Faeric Tremaine wants you to know this book has no magical creatures.

I know what you’re thinking. What kind of fantasy story doesn’t have dragons, elves, or at least one grumpy dwarf? This kind of story.

My story.

Orphaned at four, I lived on the streets of Tephalus, Bereth’s capital city, until the king swept the city’s homeless children, including me, into orphanages. The seven years I spent there included your standard childhood moments, like beatings and starvation for doing evil things like reading. Then, High Priest Salar of the Church of the Creator purchased me and my friend, Tethyn. I like to think it was because of my sparkling wit, but Tethyn says it was because the High Priest saw the darkness inside me. Really, that makes more sense because the High Priest hired the best tutors and trainers to transform me from an angry fourteen-year-old into an angrier seventeen-year-old that he wanted to use as his personal tool of destruction. From there, I went on to fight his dirty wars against groups whose crime was not wanting to live under Church or crown and serving in the city’s source of law and order, the Tephalus Guards. In the Guards, I built a two-fold reputation for solving bizarre, complex crimes and also for a tendency toward violence that eventually led to my ouster. Now, I spend my time drinking, not sleeping, and occasionally investigating real and imagined cases of betrayal, adultery, and theft for wealthy clients.

Don’t look at me like that. It’s not like I manufacture the cases. Besides, I need the money because my favorite taverns rely on me to keep them in business.

Now the High Priest has returned to my life and he ordered me to a remote monastery to determine if an amnesiac woman there is the daughter of an old friend.

The blood of others stains my hands. As a soldier, I did unspeakable things and did nothing to stop those around me from doing even worse things. I have spent my entire life caught between surrendering to the pain and rage inside me and wanting to be better, between accepting that I’m just an attack dog bent on drenching myself in blood and working toward salvation. I have the feeling that the job to find the woman will nudge me one way or the other, once and for all.

What terrifies me is I can’t tell which way I’ll fall.

Blood and Salvation is a thriller set in the fantasy world of Melkioth.

Coming Soon

Blood and Moonlight - Coming early 2020

After surviving being poisoned and defying High Priest Salar in Blood and Salvation, Faeric Tremaine returns in a fast-paced adventure that features his detective skills, sarcasm, and sharing his insights with the reader called Blood and Moonlight. This time, a friend asks him to find a missing child, but the seemingly simple job becomes complicated when Tremaine uncovers evidence that magic is returning to his world, despite the efforts by the Church of the Creator and civil rulers to stamp it out. The revelation comes with hard decisions about how far he will go to determine what’s happening and what price he will pay in the process.

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