Meet Bill

Bill Bridges

The Bill Bridges Reader’s Digest Condensed Bio

I've taken a lot of personality tests over the years, and they pretty much all indicate that although I'm great at thinking, dreaming, and something called "ideation," I should never operate heavy machinery. I am also probably not the guy you want to manage your construction projects. Fortunately for everyone, I spend my time on things that I'm good at doing, including:

  • Thinking and doing public speaking in connection to The Creative Man (info on the Coaching page)
  • Writing fiction novels (go to Creative -> Books for more info)
    • NOTE: I'm happy to say that in addition to being amazing stories, they also have very few exclamation marks, use adverbs frequently, and demonstrate that the f-bomb is one of the English language's most versatile words.
  • Thinking about hundreds of other fiction and non-fiction pieces that may not ever see the light of day
  • Pondering important questions like, "Why was it that Donald Duck never wore pants and everyone was totally cool with it?"

Regardless of subject or genre, I can't help but insert my quirky sense of humor, off-the-wall observations, and sensibilities about manhood. No, really, I can't help it. I start off being serious and the smartass just oozes out my pores.

You Want More?

But, wait, there's more! In addition to the above, I'm more than happy to share my expertise in:

  • Self-publishing
  • Designing training and education
  • Improving your public speaking
  • Singing "I Melt With You" in karaoke bars across the south

Just ask!