Howdy, kids! I’m toying with creating a social media calendar/schedule where I’m doing something every day. I lean towards doing something cutesy like making each day a different theme with an alliterative title, like Mindset Monday or Wordsmithing Wednesday, but then my old enemy, overthinking, rears its ugly head with a slew of questions:

  • Isn’t that cliche?
  • Won’t that lock you into a format? What if you want to change later?
  • What the hell would you do for Thursday? Thinking Thursday? Thirsty Thursday, where you start drinking mojitos first thing and it goes downhill from there?
    • NOTE: On reflection, that actually does sound like a lot of fun.
  • Will you have to do it every day forever? What if you wake up late? What if you’re sick? What if you run out of things to write or say?
  • What did you eat every day when you were in high school? You remember a good amount of things from that period, like your friends’ names, some of your teachers, what your school looked like, so why can’t you remember something like what you ate?
    • NOTE: Honest to God, this is an actual thought. It started when Leigh and I talked about our son’s diet, which largely consists of things from the sugar and salty snacks food groups, and she asked something like “Don’t you remember eating everything in the house when you were that age?”, to which I drew a total blank. I hate blanks in my memory. Not because I feel they indicate the onset of dementia, but because they reinforce my competing beliefs that (1) I’m inside the matrix, (2) aliens abducted me for a chunk of time, or (3) I’m a clone.
    • NOTE TO THE PREVIOUS NOTE: If I had to choose, #3 seems most likely because precious few pictures exist of me before like 1992.

My mind does amazing things. Wondrous things. It comes up with insights and dreams that come from someplace else, from some source of wisdom far greater than me. At other times, it’s a fucking three-legged hamster on a wheel. Determined to run in a circle until its heart explodes, never getting anywhere, only it can’t quite run efficiently and just ends up flopping around a lot.

Yes, that mental image will stick with you. You’re welcome.

In the comments, let me know what you think about the daily theme idea, what you think I ate for breakfast in high school, what you ate in high school, if you think I’m a clone, or if the hamster image intrigued you to the point that you did an Internet search to see if a 3-legged hamster could actually run on a wheel.

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